Monday, June 9, 2014

Fracking Chemicals listed.

There. I have violated NC State Law by disclosing this. I admit it. Come get me.

Fracking chemicals:
Table 3. Chemicals Components of Concern: Carcinogens, SDWA-Regulated
Chemicals, and Hazardous Air Pollutants
Chemical Component Chemical Category
No. of
Methanol (Methyl alcohol) HAP 342
Ethylene glycol (1,2-ethanediol) HAP 119
Diesel19 Carcinogen, SDWA, HAP 51
Naphthalene Carcinogen, HAP 44
Xylene SDWA, HAP 44
Hydrogen chloride (Hydrochloric acid) HAP 42
Toluene SDWA, HAP 29
Ethylbenzene SDWA, HAP 28
Diethanolamine (2,2-iminodiethanol) HAP 14
Formaldehyde Carcinogen, HAP 12
Sulfuric acid Carcinogen 9
Thiourea Carcinogen 9
Benzyl chloride Carcinogen, HAP 8
Cumene HAP 6
Nitrilotriacetic acid Carcinogen 6
Dimethyl formamide HAP 5
Phenol HAP 5
Benzene Carcinogen, SDWA, HAP 3
Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate Carcinogen, SDWA, HAP 3
Acrylamide Carcinogen, SDWA, HAP 2
Hydrogen fluoride (Hydrofluoric acid) HAP 2
Phthalic anhydride HAP 2
Acetaldehyde Carcinogen, HAP 1
Acetophenone HAP 1
Copper SDWA 1
Ethylene oxide Carcinogen, HAP 1
Lead Carcinogen, SDWA, HAP 1
Propylene oxide Carcinogen, HAP 1
p-Xylene HAP 1
Number of Products Containing a Component of Concern 652
19 According to EPA, diesel contains benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes. See
EPA, Evaluation of Impacts to Underground Sources of Drinking Water by Hydraulic
Fracturing of Coalbed Methane Reservoirs (June 2004) (EPA 816-R-04-003) at 4-11. Fracking Chemicals which are known Carcinogens

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Oil Spill in Hominy Creek/French Broad River

Boom under the Brevard Road Bridge, Note hole where oil is
streaming through.
Okay, so it is in one place. Here is what I know about the spill. Yesterday an unknown amount of #2 Fuel Oil spilled from a tank at Harrison Construction on Smoky Park Highway (above the quarry). For some reason, the oil escaped the installed containment pond and got to the storm drains. Several workers from the quarry used equipment there to throw up berms of dirt to stop more oil, but an amount got into Hominy Creek.
Around 3pm, the US EPA and NCDENR were notified of the spill, and Harrision hired NEO contracting to mitigate the spill. Booms were placed near the spill site.
Around 8pm, Sheri and I were checking on our beaver tree and noticed a strong odor of petro-chemicals. Upon getting home, we saw a small blurb about an oil spill on WLOS's FB site.
This morning at first light, we went looking for booms, but could only find one downstream of the spill (Under the Brevard Road bridge) and it was breached with heavy product and crude streaming through the hole.
Shortly later we went to the French Broad River and found oil there. At that time, we called the RiverKeeper, Asheville Greenworks, the Asheville Fire Department and the US EPA.
THis morning the Asheville FD placed a boom across Hominy Creek to keep further oil from getting into the French Broad River. 
I hope it works.

Oil along the near shore of the French Broad River this morning.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Buncombe County NC Registrar of Deeds first in the South not to say "no" to same-sex couples

The lobby at the Buncombe County building during the event.
In a move which is sure to create havoc in Raleigh, Buncombe County Register of Deeds, Drew Reisinger today accepted applications from same sex couples to be wed. Although he made it clear he could not approve the applications until NC Attorney General Roy Cooper weighed in with an opinion on the discrepancy between state and federal law.

The couples have been coming regularly to Reisinger's office over the past two years as part of the larger 'We Do' campaign sponsored by the Campaign for Southern Equality. Earlier attempts have been turned away by Reisinger and his staff with polite explanations that it was against NC state law for them to accept the application or issue the license to same-sex couples.

Since then, the repeal of the federal law known as the Defense of Marriage Act and other state Attorney Generals granting their citizens the right to marry seem to have swayed the opinion of Cooper. Reisinger will ask for guidance later today.

Alexis and Chelsea leave the office after successfuly completing their application. 
Jake and Mitch speak with Reisinger.

Susan Wilson and Judy sign the marriage application as their families look on.
Rev. Amy Cantrell and Lauren White affirm to the truth of the statements in their application to be wed.

Friday, September 6, 2013

A rare clear morning downtown

The Public Service Building. One of downtown's jewels.

You know how it is... between the fog in the river valley, clouds towering in the east, and the height of the ridge of Town Mountain, Asheville is frequently "The Land That Sunrise Forgot."

So, when we do get sunrise at sunrise, it is wondrous. If only it would last longer.
A jogger gets water at the new park pavilion. 

College and Patton. Looks pretty nice without tourists

Asheville Pizza and Brewing

Behind the bakery

A Faux alleyway

A law office. Strange location for a building like this.

The shadow of power

The once Vanderbuilt Shirt Company, now an antique shop.

Basilica of St. Lawrence greets the sun

Monday, August 5, 2013

Mountain Moral Monday from the Jackson Building

Nearly 10,000 people swarmed the City-County plaza area of downtown Asheville for the first Mountain Moral Monday. Meant to express outrage at what many see as slights to the City of Asheville by the NC General Assembly, the rally is a continuation of a series of "moral mondays" held at the statehouse in Raleigh this spring.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Grove Park Inn turns 100

Fireworks light the Grove Park Inn on its 100th birthday.
Presidents, would-be Kings and Queens, Prime Ministers, movie stars and my great grandparents stayed there. If the rock walls could talk, they could speak of Bogart, of Roosevelts, of Windsors, of Ford, Edison, and Firestone. Certainly some war-time secrets which remain secret. Discrete deliveries for a Mr. F. Scott Fitzgerald in a time and place which frowned on such habits.

The grand old lady of Asheville hotels turned a digit yesterday--from 99 to 100.

At the dedication in 1913, the new U.S. Secretary of State, William Jennings Bryan spoke eloquently. Bryan, thrice defeated in Presidential runs had opted out of a fourth run in 1912 to support Woodrow Wilson. The plum job of Secretary of State was his for that. Who knew then the winds of war in Europe would make that job uncomfortable.

For 100 years, the hotel has stood for making people more comfortable. Through the bad times and good, war and peace, the rock has kept its secrets, standing silently against the ancient mountain.

Happy Birthday GPI.