Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Colorless December ... A grumpy harrumph

Up to this point, I have shared black and white photos which were from my newspaper days, in Topeka and New York. This was based on finding some old prints and negatives which I thought were long gone in a box. If this has bored you, I have some good news, I am done (barring finding more) with anything that interests me enough now.

So, what now? I hear you. He is giving up, halfway through, right?

You should be so lucky.

No, I embarking on a new angle on this topic today. As I approach (or pass) the tipping point into old age, I understand the curmudgeons of my past more and more. There were guys at the paper who never seemed to do anything but bitch about us "young idiots with fancy cameras" and without much prodding would always pull out Speed Graphics if we wanted to learn "how real news photographers worked."

I never understood the attachment to gear. Still don't. Things change. The fancy new cameras of my youth are old and tucked away in closets, attics or worse. The old press photographers are all dead, and there are good news photographers whose parents were not yet born when I started working.

This is the way of the world.

So, I dedicate the rest of the month to using, as much as I can, the camera I have with me all the time, my Samsung S3 Note.

All three of the photos on this page were taken with it. With a little thought to light and it's limitations, and using the right software (I really like Black Cam Pro), you can take photos of acceptable quality of most anything.

I really like Black Cam Pro, it allows you to use the colored filters, like on lenses. Yes, filter is not a new term for the digital age, kids. You can also alter exposure times manually and lots of other things I have not yet toyed with.

So, that is my harrumph moment. I hope you will forgive and forget. Since I am getting older, I am sure I will forget.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Colorless December ... Humpback Whales, Cape May, 1983

Along with some Storm Petrels looking for scraps. One of the things I wish the most that I had paid more attention to things when I was younger. All the birds and ocean wildlife I saw in my time in the military...oh well.

Compare what I did every day with the cost of paying a tour boat to go out and do these things. Today's lesson. 
Enjoy everything you can, as if it is the last time you ever get to see it.
Now, if I could just remember that more often.

Colorless December ... Exit Only 1974

Recently sold to a private buyer for $11.5m. There. Now I have the record reported sale of a photograph. Does this make me famous? Where will this end?
I believe every photographer in America, no, the world, should report insane sales to "private buyers" over the next two weeks. I mean, come on, I have as much proof as Peter Lik this happened.
So now that I am famous, I guess I will get back to taking photos.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Colorless December ... Midnight Madison Square Garden 1987

Run DMC was inside, NYPD left their motorcycles outside.
The horses were around the corner but it was too dark to shoot.
1987 was a tough year in NYC. Race relations were poor, the 911 system was stretched to the maximum (computers were being installed) it was an insanely hot summer. The year was so bad NYC EMS issued a medal for just working that year.

This was not the first major rap/hip-hop concert at Madison Square Garden, but it was the first high profile one. White America was just beginning to hear the voice of Black America in their own voice, without interpreters.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Colorless December ... Topeka 1981

Or, as I like to call it, "the 3-armed policeman"
After an armed robbery and a short chase these three were trapped in the alley by a motorcycle officer, a detective and a a K9.

Other than the 3-armed officer, I like the way the Sgt. looks on and the clean background of this house a block from the State Capitol building.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Colorless December ... Faces of hate, Brooklyn 1989

I really hope that the rest of the negatives from this day turn up as I go through the pile. There were pics of the ReverandAl Sharpton in his running suit next to Herbert Daughtry in his immaculate suit and some Nation of Islam guys. But, alas, this is the one I have, and only as a print.

The background. In August, 1989 a young man named Yusef Hawkins was killed by a white man in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. This was from the first march, and was the first time "No Justice, No Peace" was chanted by a crowd. 

The residents of Bensonhurst were not amused by this invasion of thousands of black folk in their streets, and there was heavy police protection along the whole route. When I took this, I was about 3 feet from Reverend Sharpton, near the front of the march. 

The police protection that day worked. A year later, Rev. Sharpton was stabbed at a similar march in the same neighborhood. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Peter Lik breaks his own 'record sale' price 6.5mil for a photo?

This guy is absolutely incredible, as in NOT credible, to me. 4 years ago he announced he had sold a photo called One for 1million dollars, which I mentioned here, now he claims to have sold this photo,
for 6.5million dollars, and some other assorted photos for 3.5mil more for a total of 10 Million Dollars.

Uh, huh. A photo blog called Phoblographer has the story. It sounds like the same scam, errr, scheme he pulled last time, but on a larger scale.

Congratulations Peter, now do the right thing and retire.