Saturday, March 24, 2007

No Honor For Jeb Bush

In a move which we can only hope is a prequel to other, more serious, events, the University of Florida's senate body declined the granting of an honorary title to the 1st brother and ex-Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush.
According to the Gainesville Times, there was lots of behind-the-scenes maneuvers both pro and con.
Wright says she contacted Provost Janie Fouke, explaining that some faculty might oppose the degree. Wright said she suggested that the university might want to reconsider putting Bush's name forward because a "no" vote could be potentially embarrassing. "I gave them every opportunity to have it not happen," Wright said.
Was how they quoted Danaya Wright, chair of the faculty senate, who was promptly accused by several of the Bush-appointed trustees of being "political."
Yeah, say political appointees.
What a funny world we have now.

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