Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Justin of the Go Devils reunited with his guitar

Spinning tales of derring-do and harrowing encounters with neer-do-wells in a downtown Asheville apartment building, Justin is glad to have his gear back.

He would like to thank everyone that made this guitar too hot for crackheads to pawn. They were trying to sell it as "Warren Haynes guitar" in Pritchard Park.

Police were notified, and upon their arrival, the seller was gone.

However, 'Hot Dog Bill' got the address, an apartment in the Altamont Apartments on N. Market Street.

Several of Justin's friends (most of whom are bouncers at downtown bars) did a little field interrogation at the address, and eventually came upon the person who was in possession.

He surrendered the stolen property, and everyone went home happy.

Funny twist to the end of the story.... the thieves actually repaired a couple of minor issues with the guitar!

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