Tuesday, February 27, 2007

NH Democratic Offices Burglarized

Okay, where is G. Gordon Liddy and Howard Hunt today?

I am not kidding. I want to know, and I want this shit nipped in the bud right away.

Here is the Article Link.

Naturally, the party is most concerned about donation information.

Thieves break into N.H. Dem headquarters


Burglars have broken into Democratic Party headquarters.

No, you're not having a flashback to 1972 and the infamous event that ultimately led to the greatest scandal in U.S. political history and the downfall of Richard Nixon's presidency.

Instead of Washington's Watergate complex, this burglary took place at the New Hampshire Democratic Party's headquarters over the weekend. Neither police nor party officials will comment on what was stolen and whether the break-in was politically motivated.

Office workers reported the break-in to police on Monday. Concord Police Sgt. Mike McGuire said some items were taken, but he declined to be more specific. The assessment was the same from Kathy Sullivan, the chairwoman of the state Democratic Party.

"Some things were taken, but I don't really want to get into that right now," Sullivan said on Tuesday.

There was no indication that any personal financial information was taken, said party spokeswoman Kathleen Strand.

"We want to assure our donors that their personal financial information, as far as we can tell, has been protected, and we hope to find out who did this soon," she said.

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Gordon Smith said...

Too bizarre.

I'm a real fan of the staffers not giving any information. The break-in reminds folks of Watergate until you say something to interrupt that train of thought.

Whether this is Nixon redux or just some junkies after the light bulbs, it reminds us all of that shamed President and thus of our shameful President and his sycophantic party.