Thursday, February 22, 2007

Prince Harry to Iraq as Infantry Leader

Prince Harry to Iraq as Infantry Leader

Good. I am so glad for him. He gets to go play soldier, probably surrounded by Special Branch officers and media. His fellow officers, if they are smart, will curry favor for future endeavors and /or get their names out there in the media as a "close confidant of the Prince."

His troops will not be so lucky. They will still walk everywhere. They will still be hot. And thirsty. And in danger. With no media around except when the precious Prince is near.

Of course, for most of the history of warfare, the royals have fought in England's wars and such from Ethelred to Mountbatten and Harry's uncle, Andrew. This is nothing new. Their celebrity status and the information age is what makes this different.

I hope he can just be another new Sandhurst grad, just another Second Lieutenant, and that everything goes well. But I can't help being a littile pessimistic this time.

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