Monday, February 26, 2007

US Administration Claims

Now why should anyone believe anything this administration "claims?"

Apparently the NY Times, in spite of being shaken to its roots by this bunch of crooks in the Executive Branch still does.

From Today...

U.S. Says Raid in Iraq Supports Claim on Iran

Really? What a surprise. I am sure they were shocked to find this "information" out. I am sure they were staying up late praying for it, errr, I mean making it up.

I am not going to bore anyone with lengthy quotes from this most recent exercise in US government stenography-propaganda, but it has the usual claims... they found a fake rock made from polystyrene in a Toyota with C-4 which may (or may not) have originated in Iran.

Well, golly, let's invade then.

I am sure there have been no bombs made from all the explosives we have lost, sold, mislaid, given, or transferred to "legitimate" Iraqi forces. And I guess polystyrene is some kind of state secret technology in Iran. Toyota's involvement I cannot fathom.

The point is, this current US Administration has no right to be taken on its word. They have lied continuously now since at least 9/11/01, and probably before.

It is time to call them on it.

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