Monday, March 12, 2007

Haliburton To Move To Dubai

Well, well, well. The rats are deserting. Houston can go back to being a swamp again, maybe there might be enough green stuff to make oil in oh, 3 or 4 million years or so.

Hey, why not move their headquarters to where they plan to make their last stand, the middle east?

I have seen several articles which stress the tax advantage they will gain. Not from US taxes, which will still apply (although the US business is dwindling, apparently) but from foreign taxes. Dubai is a corporate free-fire zone, part Delaware, part Switzerland, part Cayman Islands, a place where wheelbarrows of cash can move un-impeded down the street.

The principals of Haliburton are dumping their KBR stock, most likely in a move to sell that portion of the business sometime soon.

Strange times.

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