Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Wow. From Jennifer Saylor

The Park That Asheville Forgot

This is an amazing find. I had heard of this park, but never been there.

Neither, apparently, have many other citizens...except those intent on destroying it.

This is very sad, something like this is ignored just a few blocks from downtown and city hall.

But, since the directions start off... park near the dumpster and follow the path.... I have to wonder about it's feng shui and karma.


I went there this hot afternoon. Had a fine time, very nice layout.

There were some young denizens within the place who I guess thought they would shock me by asking if I had any dope. (it didn't, and I didn't), but imagine the outrage if the good Dr. M were there!

Anyway, the place looks pretty clean, you guys did a great job.

I love the dumpster entrance (pictured), nice view of the new jail. Very appropriate for some of the behavior that must go on here.

Thanks again for the tip to a cool place, even on a hot day.


Jennifer Saylor said...

LOL I felt weird writing "park by the dumpster" but the other way into the park involves three flights of Exorcist stairs carpeted in broken glass.

So the park's feng shui probably sucks, but I am working hard to improve the karma.

Thank you for the link! Come by and visit the park sometime (when the figs are ripe)!

Jennifer Saylor said...

I bet you saw the little herd of homeless teens I saw there once. Were they white kids, a little cluster of 5 or 6?

I'm hoping that the increased presence of visitors like you (and me) will send a message that reduces the number of condoms and broken whiskey glasses we find, though I find the image of teenagers smoking dope under fruit trees strangely charming.

Bill In Asheville said...

yep, that sounds like them

ash said...

it's a great park. great work by jennifer, and everyone else. let's reclaim this great little spot!

Jennifer Saylor said...

Amen, Brother Ash.

Anonymous said...

Can you post (re-post) directions to this park, I can't seem to find them either here or on Saylor's site... Thanks!

Bill In Asheville said...

Sure, go to the Community Center parking lot, off Max Street, head for the dumpster which is directly towards city hall and the jail.

Park next to the dumpster and take the short walk down the hill.

here is a map, if that helps,+NC,+USA&sa=X&oi=map&ct=image

Jennifer Saylor said...

From the Bountiful Cities newsletter:

Edible Park workday

Saturday Aug 18th from 8:00 AM-11:00 AM

8:00 AM- Bud grafting demo given by Professor T. Bud Barkslip

(Come early when it's cool, and then go to the FBFC Farmer's market!)

Please come out to help tidy up the park. The park is in need of love!
Though this summer's drought conditions have kept a lot of vegetation at bay, kudzu, bermuda grass and knotweed still abound and threaten the fruit trees. Summer revelers have also left their messages in bottles throughout.

Professor Barkslip will be demonstrating bud grafting techniques, as well as talking about propagation strategies in the park. His knowledge will be available to participants on how to expand the diversity of fruits in their own yards, schools, neighborhoods, and towns!

Please bring gloves, water, machetes, weed eaters, pruners, and a friend.


Join the Bountiful Cities announcement list here:

I wont be at this workday, I'll be out of town. But the glass on those stairs haunts me still. I'll be at the very next workday that doesn't conflict with my school schedule.