Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Bush--Nothing for sick kids, billions for N.Korea

Yes, apparently that is what our great pResident believes, at least today. His veto of the very bi-partisanly passed childrens insurance program increase on the very same day the US agreed to assume the cost of N. Korea's (most likely failed) nuclear program reaches new lows even for this administration.

That and removing North Korea from the State-Sponsored Terror list. Wow. Did they stop? Or did the US just admit that list is only a club to beat people the administration does not like?

It appears that Georgie Bush does not like America's uninsured children, will they take North Korea's place on the terror sponsor list?


zen said...

Hard to imagine Bush looking for a more disasterous way to be "the decider."

Shad Marsh said...

they are children now, but some of them may very well grow up to be terrorists (translation=Liberals) so he is just trying to thin the herd and keep the future America safe for rich white people.

Bill In Asheville said...

Yeah, that must be it.
Fightin them terraists before they become terraists.