Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Am I some kind of genius?

Or a great seer?

I mean, government officials here in the US just seem to be living on wishful thinking and some kind of fantasy world.

Cases in point today...
1. Ben Bernanke says "The US economy is decidedly weaker than it was last July."
Really? Wow, I knew that long before that. How come he didn't?

2. Robert Gates says "Turkey should remove their troops from Iraq soon, keeping in mind Iraqi sovereignty."
Huh? You mean like the US does?

3. Hillary Clinton again said, "At the time of the vote (2002 Iraq War Resolution) the best intelligence we had showed there were WMD's there."
Really? How come I knew there were not any WMD's there? How could I know that, but a US Senator couldn't?

These things make me wonder about my conviction that we will be defeated in Iraq. Maybe not this year, or next. But we will leave off the roof of the embassy in a hurry, not marching out with the Iraqi people throwing rose petals at our feet.

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