Friday, February 8, 2008

This blog's future

After long thought and re-thought, I have decided to separate this blog from it's photo content. I recognize there are several disparate threads of thought throughout my little blog here, and this may confuse people.
But, that's okay, as Whitman said, "I am large, I contain multitudes." Not that I compare myself to him, but he said that.
He did. Look it up.
Never mind, here it is.
At least I don't contradict myself.
So, the blog will continue, or be re-continued, as the witty repartee repository of writing (say that three times fast) and I will find another site for my pictures to land.
By the way, you can find more than I post here on Flickr. I envision the soon-to-be derived photoblog to be a "best of" from those photos, an online portfolio, if you will.
For those of you who have the multitude within you, I will keep links between the two in some manner.
Thanks for reading. And if anyone has any tips for photoblog software you want to share, drop me a line.


zen said...

you know, dude, that's exactly what i'm doing... i found my art and my multitudes don't mix very well as a readable blog.

Great idea! I'm glad we had it at the same time.

And by the way, that was the most wonderful phone message you left me about the BGA - i really appreciate it and it added a spring to my step.

Bill In Asheville said...

glad you got some spring, it matches our weather the past couple days. I mean it, man... I like that place. I am really digging the feeder with my new lens, as you can see from my photostream.

Anyway, my idea kind of flows from the meeting we had at the Rocket Club, such as it was.

I am not sure how to proceed. A domain name? Webspace? still looking into all that.

any insights?