Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ricin found in Las Vegas

According to the NY Times, "a man" (odd that we do not have a name) is in critical condition in a Las Vegas hospital after apparent exposure to the wonderfully toxic Ricin.
Ricin, you may reacall, was the stuff that closed the Tokyo subways a while back, and periodically rears it's head here and there in weird stories.
Looks like it is at it again.
According to the article, guns and a "anarchist" book were also found in the room. Way to go Times, what was the book?
The Monkey Wrench Gang?
The Iron Fist?
Homeland Security and the FBI were fast to say "nothing to see here, move along" both having already said they do NOT suspect terrorism in this case.
Oh, well then, I feel better.
So what was "the man" doing with this ricin in a Las Vegas hotel room?
Freelance cancer treatment?
And what is his name, damn it. Where is he from?

Something stinks here.

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