Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thoughts on Mr. Medford's Trial

I have read everything I can on this, the Buncombe County 'Trial of the Century', Federal prosecution of our ex-Sheriff, Bobby Medford.
Now it appears the case is headed for the jury tomorrow or Friday.
All partisan politics and such aside, I find the whole affair sad on many levels.
The man clearly had a problem with gambling. Even a simple background check would have shown that. Certainly other law enforcement professionals such as Asheville Police Chief Hogan, District Attorney Moore, and other federal officers who worked with Mr. Medford should, SHOULD, have noticed something was amiss with this guy.
Did they do anything? Say anything?
If not, why not?
As it stands now, it is pretty clear to me which way I would vote were I on the jury. What the jury will do is another story.
He is a sick, old man, with problems most of us could not even begin to understand.
I would not be surprised to see him walk out of the courthouse next week moderately vindicated.
If so, justice will not be served.

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