Saturday, December 25, 2010

So, This, Is Christmas.

Indeed it is.
I know it is from the litter of wrapping paper on the living room floor, the contented children off in corners admiring/using/reading new things. The dogs completely confused with all the weird activity. And this year, snow outside our windows.
Of course we all know, those of us who think for more than a second about things, that is, that this is not when Jesus was born. Emperor Constantine took this date from the Pagans to mess up their winter holiday and declared it Christmas.
So, technically, when the wingnuts tell you "Jesus is the reason for the season," they are wrong. But they are right too.
Far right. (but that's another rant)
They are right about that Jesus guy. You remember him? He got nailed to a tree for telling people they were not living right.
Ouch, huh?
All he did was tell people to love each other more. Give to the poor. Forgive your enemies. Understand things you had not understood before.
Take joy however you want today. Try to be kind. Smile at a stranger. Help someone.
Merry Christmas.

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