Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Million Dollars

According to a post on his blog and website, Peter Lik claims this photograph, entitled "One," sold to an anonymous buyer for One Million Dollars.
US? Or Zimbabwe?
Does not say. Could be any number of currencies which use the term dollar.
Maybe he paid himself that much to give the photo to his mom?
I don't know. I think it is a fine photo of implied fall colors and white birch trees.
But, $1,000,000? Does the buyer think it will appreciate in value?
And the whole story is kind of strange. This is the "only" print. Did he destroy the negative? Is it film? Digital? Obviously he scanned it.
Hey, if I paid 1mil for this, I would want to know there were not a million idiots blogging my picture all over the place.
Sour grapes, you say? Nah. I wish him all the best. Just more proof that photography is all a mind game, like selling air, or internet service.
Just find the right buyer... and Bob's yer uncle.


Ukulele Rockstar said...

The music biz perplexes me with similar situations all the time.

Anonymous said...

this might be of interest to you all:

Anonymous said...

Very Interesting - makes one wonder if it really happened at all.

Found this here:

"Anon User
The truth about that one million dollar sales is this:

From Lik's gallery: In Miami, Nicolas Sparks wife discovered Peter Lik's work at the Miami gallery and they decided to get a few pieces. After everything went down he bought the image "One" for $1,000,000 with the total sale showing $2.3 mil. The entire organization was sworn to not say a word about the sale and it was listed as a secret sale, 4 days later the numbers changed to 250k and showed "One" as a gift for a private collector.

sorry to say, but ONE didn't sell at all, it was gifted to Mr. & Mrs. Sparks."