Sunday, June 9, 2013

Another stolen guitar in Asheville, Please repost

Another West Asheville musician has had his guitar stolen! Sam Gundlach, a/k/a Southbound Turnaround's Sammy Guns, had his beautiful Fender Squire stolen from his vehicle in the parking lot of Buncombe County Social Services on Coxe Avenue sometime Saturday night, or in the wee hours of Sunday morning. 

Not only does this guy have a golden voice, he has a golden heart as well. When all of local musician Justin Brophy's gear was stolen from his truck a few weeks ago, Sammy stepped up and loaned Brophy a guitar and amp to use until he could replace his gear.

Sam's guitar is shown in the attached photo; fortunately this thief was too stupid to take the Honeytone amp!

Share this every where and with everyone, please, folks! When Brophy's gear was stolen we made it so hot on Facebook and the rest of the internet that when the thief finally tried to sell it, he got nailed! Let's help Sam get this beauty of a guitar back.

If you see it anywhere, call APD non-emergency number 252-1110


Unknown said...

Maybe News 13 can help? Email

Molly Driessen said...

Hey! Molly from GearTrack here. An Asheville run start-up that does free stolen instrument alerts. We'll share this with our FB watchdogs. Thanks Ashevillein for caring about stolen guitars.