Sunday, June 16, 2013

Springtime and the ISS will be visible

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Although each night this week has a minimal view of the ISS, on June 24 at 9:20 will be a good one. Nice and bright, high enough up and across the whole sky.

For photography, this will be a good one, probably better than many others. The problem with most predictions for Asheville, the predictors don't live here. They don't know we are ringed with large chunks of rock called mountains.

There is no way most can see the ISS unless it is as least 40degrees up.

This photo was taken when it was 74degrees high with a space shuttle docked on which makes it all brighter. This was magnitude -2.8, the one on the 24th will be -3.1, or brighter.

So, in short, the next best time to see the ISS from Asheville will be June 24th beginning around 9:20p.m. From NW to NE and ending in the ESE 6min. 27sec. later.

If all this is too geeky for you, email me at and I will try to help.

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