Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Colorless December ... A grumpy harrumph

Up to this point, I have shared black and white photos which were from my newspaper days, in Topeka and New York. This was based on finding some old prints and negatives which I thought were long gone in a box. If this has bored you, I have some good news, I am done (barring finding more) with anything that interests me enough now.

So, what now? I hear you. He is giving up, halfway through, right?

You should be so lucky.

No, I embarking on a new angle on this topic today. As I approach (or pass) the tipping point into old age, I understand the curmudgeons of my past more and more. There were guys at the paper who never seemed to do anything but bitch about us "young idiots with fancy cameras" and without much prodding would always pull out Speed Graphics if we wanted to learn "how real news photographers worked."

I never understood the attachment to gear. Still don't. Things change. The fancy new cameras of my youth are old and tucked away in closets, attics or worse. The old press photographers are all dead, and there are good news photographers whose parents were not yet born when I started working.

This is the way of the world.

So, I dedicate the rest of the month to using, as much as I can, the camera I have with me all the time, my Samsung S3 Note.

All three of the photos on this page were taken with it. With a little thought to light and it's limitations, and using the right software (I really like Black Cam Pro), you can take photos of acceptable quality of most anything.

I really like Black Cam Pro, it allows you to use the colored filters, like on lenses. Yes, filter is not a new term for the digital age, kids. You can also alter exposure times manually and lots of other things I have not yet toyed with.

So, that is my harrumph moment. I hope you will forgive and forget. Since I am getting older, I am sure I will forget.

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