Saturday, May 30, 2015

International Space Station tonight over Asheville

Get a good look at the International Space Station passing over Asheville tonight starting at 10:49 in the WSW and visible for over 6 mins. fading to the NE.

To take a photo like this, get a tripod and make sure it is stable, open the shutter just as the ISS appears, and leave it open as long as you can see it. If you have some kind of building below it, it looks better. Or a tree. Or something. The darker the area, the better. I used ISO 200 f11 and a 30sec exposure for this one. That is why it ends, I mis-judged the transit time. Tonight I will try to get more of the trail.

If you try, good luck. Let me see what you get.
I will post what I get. I am always trying to do better.

TONIGHT 5/30/2014

They were working in the church, the lights were all ablaze, that would have been a disaster. So I had to wing it with some trees. The result? Will try again soon.

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