Monday, March 26, 2007

"Like An Amsterdam Hash House" Says Mumpower

For those of you outside Asheville, you won't recognize Dr. Carl Mumpower, part of the potentate class of the City of Asheville, our lone Republican, usually (but not always) the 1 in the 6-1 votes, and of late, our self-appointed drug czar.
But that is an actual quote by the suited crusader, made after "observing" this weekend's Ratdog show at the Asheville Civic center.
Now I am not going to even speculate on how the upstanding Dr. Mumpower knows what an Amsterdam Hash House smells like any more than I will wonder why he seems to have some kind of obsession with drug use among poor people, young boys, and men's rooms. Oh yeah, he likes to know what the police department is up to also... way more than his job description in the city council requires, it seems.
So good Dr. Carl (psychology if you were wondering) glommed tickets to Ratdog so he could monitor the drug use, the police response to such drug use, and, you guessed it, the men's room situation.
Thank goodness we are safe from whatever hell would have befallen us without his beneficent intervention.
According to the ironically-named Citizen-Times, there were a number of arrests for drug-related offenses, as reported here. There was no mention of arrests made at previous, non-Mumpower intervened concerts, nor if that number of arrests was normal for a concert.
So, breaking news here....
There is drug use at rock concerts.
Stay tuned for more episodes from the suited crusader.


Anonymous said...

Crazy Carl for president 08'!

Bill In Asheville said...

That would be amusing, at least.

zen said...

HA!! I laughed outloud on this one! Great photowork and wonderful writing...

Drama Queen said...

silly boy