Tuesday, March 27, 2007

News Flash! Buncombe County Subject to Laws of Physics

See, the Buncombe County Commissioners seem to have never heard of these laws. They don't remember passing them, and staff cannot find anyone in the City of Asheville to blame for them. The search is continuing for a culprit, both in Raleigh and Washington, DC.
The law in question?
See, water falls downhill.
Yep. For those of you from the county government apparatus, this is a fact. No amount of money, bulldozers, secret meetings, ignoring the people's will, or legislation will change it.
The ironically-named Citizen-Times reports today you received a report from one Jim McElduff, whom the C-T only tangentially identified as a past chairman of the Buncombe County Planning Board, which says in part..
•Identify portions of the county where adequate water supplies are unlikely to exist for closely spaced users.
•Identify portions of the county where public water lines cannot be economically extended.
•Implement planning tools that will diminish the economic and environmental costs of development in the identified areas.
Excuse me?
Identify? Implement? Where have you been, man? Look around. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Ready now?
Development is ALREADY proceeding apace, despite the county's lack of foresight. There are already too many wells on the mountains, too many people hoping gravity and chance don't land them down the hollar.
This, my friend, the engineer, is not the time to "identify" and "implement" or "study" and "classify," that time has past. As you were quoted in the C-T article,
“We need to do more research to evaluate whether our suspicions are well-founded,” McElduff said.

Okay, so I am not a PE, but my suspicions are already well-founded, based on real-life observation of a dripping water faucet.

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