Monday, August 27, 2007

I am committing a crime

or, at least I would be if I were living in China.

See, I think the Chinese government is one of the most repressive in history. I think their censorship policies suck. Their turn-the-other-way attitude with big business sucks. Their crackdown on freedom of speech and expression sucks.


Of course I feel the same way about much of our government too.

I said it.

Here, no one cares. They yawn and go on their merry way. Not so in China. See, over there, Yahoo and other ISP's/tech companies are very, very much in bed with the government. So much so, a lawsuit was filed today against Yahoo for aiding in the identification of bloggers which led to their arrest and TORTURE.

Let me repeat that. TORTURE.

So, as you read this and go ho-hummm, think about that.

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