Monday, September 10, 2007

Petraus betrays US... Crocker too

Of course, I am not surprised in the least. If he was against the "surge" he would have been out of Iraq and commanding penquin counters in the Antarctic long ago.
Crocker is so full of crap, his eyes leak poo poo. His sound byte of the day was "Iraq is a nation in turmoil. You have to expect security problems."
Gee whiz, Mr. Ambassador. How did that country get "in turmoil" anyway?
Huh. Who knew turmoil would be the result of an illegal invasion, brutal crackdown on the existing governmental and societial structures, and a 5-year (so far) occupation by foreign troops?

And the topper of the day was 9 US combat deaths TODAY, while they were fuming lies and Congress was in full ass-kiss mode.

Tell those 9 families it is working, guys.

Tell the dozens of Iraqis who died today everything is fine.

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