Saturday, February 23, 2008

Flu 2008--Nearing the end?

Or is this dip this week just a lucky break?

I have to say that the nursing homes I go to which have been hit hardest with the flu/pneumonia are not quite as bad this week. Partly this is due to the sickest dying off or going to hospital, I guess, but there are not as many new, very sick people this week.

This graph from the CDC bears that out. As you can see, there is a dip in the number of cases of positive flu this week.

We are still above epidemic threshold levels for deaths from Pneumonia and Influenza, as this graph shows, but the rate of increase does not appear quite as steep as it has.

All in all, if these trends continue, we should, most of us, see Spring.

Hang in there people. Keep washing your hands. If you are sick, drink lots of fluids. If you are immno-suppressed, keep away from everyone for a while. If you have relatives in nursing homes, and you are sick...please do NOT go see them until you are well.

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Edward said...

Enjoying your Flu information. A friend got quite sick a few days ago, I don't think it was the Flu because it was over in 3 days. She revealed that her church does that communion thing where everyone drinks from the same cup. OMG! They do wipe the edge of the cup between victims. Can't believe people would do that in modern times at all, much less during Flu season.