Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Russia and the New Cold War

How odd it is to read of Russia doing the old cold war stuff.
I mean, their military was pretty much a joke from the 50's on. Its might was over-estimated at every turn by every western intelligence agency to keep the funding going. The spending was what brought them down--their piss-poor economy could not keep up with the output of the US, West Germany, the UK, France, and Japan.
Now, after the break up, they are even worse off.
And yet, there they are doing the old Bomber-flying-over-carrier trick which I personally saw hundreds of times. We laughed about it then, sent the F4s or F14s up to play with them, and sent A6s or some other big noise maker over their trawlers.
Of course, we were not "friends" then.
So, what gives now?
I believe the myth of the Arab enemy is not playing out like the top-level politicians want. It ain't "playing in Peoria" as they say.
The old bogey man, Russia will.
So, watch this well. As the lies and deceptions of the Bush neo-cons become more and more apparent, the bad old commies will be there, like they always have, ready to strike the iron of the Military Industrial Complex back to life.

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