Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Colorless December ,,, NY Harbor 1984

One thing you do in the military is train. For the Coast Guard that means lots of practice lifting people out of the water, whether to a boat deck, a ship, or up into a helicopter. You never know when the next time will be for real, in the dark, with wind and snow.

On one of the endless days, of practice with Air Station Brooklyn (now gone) I used me as the dummy to lift and took my camera, a brand new Nikon F2 (not gone, still in my closet). As I recall, I shot about three rolls of Tri-X (that's film, mostly gone) and maybe two rolls of Kodachrome (long gone). This is the only frame I was able to find a few years back.

The helicopter is a HH3F Pelican (also gone) the boat platform was probably either the 41411 or the 32328 (also both gone) out of Station New York on Governor's Island (gone).

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