Thursday, December 4, 2014

Colorless December .... Topeka, KS 1981

Back in the way-back machine for this one. In those days, Topeka had two private competing ambulance services answering 911 calls, Hospital Ambulance Service and Shawnee Ambulance Service both owned by competing hospitals St. Francis and Stormont-Vail. I don't remember which was owned by which, and they combined a couple of years after this was taken.

Still patient care was primary, you see here HAS and SAS paramedics working together in this overturned car on several victims in critical condition. Over the years I have used this photo in a number of talks and such, and people always ask "Why?"

My answer is, as always... Photojournalism must show people what they can't or won't see or it is just snapshots. Nothing wrong with snapshots--I have taken plenty--but that is not the job of a photojournalist. If anything, this photo illustrates my inexperience and lack of vision, I am sure there was a better angle other than standing level and out of the way. Unfortunately, I can't find the negatives or the contact sheet, so we will never know.

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