Sunday, January 4, 2015

Colorless Winter ... Wandering Lake Lure

I missed the Polar Plunge this year. Can't even imagine where they did it, the water is the lowest I have ever seen. The lake is hardly a lake at all, but a collection of flooded tributaries.

So much for my plans to look at bird migrants there.

The old bridge, which the town begged the state not to raize when the new one was built is in full glory. The whole length is filled with raised-bed gardens with different themes, lots of the them wintery. I suppose they change them for the seasons. It is quite a nice walk, and the bridge is surprisingly narrow, considering we were all crossing it just a few years ago.

This short little walk gave me lots of pleasure and hopes for the future in Asheville if (IF) they ever replace the Jeff Bowen Bridge. Imagine the fun this would be on a bridge that size? Of course, that would be years after all the wrangling and arguing ended about what to do with it. Sometimes our circular firing squad style of public debate in this town can get messy.

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